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Our programs

The Inner West Shiurim Association (IWS) was established in mid-2019 to bring Sydney's inner west Jewish community together. We provide Jewish kids with opportunities to connect with their peers in Sydney's inner west and to explore Jewish identity, culture, history and religion. We are a parent-run, progressive and inclusive not-for-profit association. Our education program is delivered in partnership with Emanuel Synagogue.


In 2024 IWS will run three programs:

  • Sheked (Almond tree) - Kindergarten to Year 2

  • Hadas (Myrtle tree) - Year 3 to Year 5

  • Dekel (Pine tree) - Year 6 to Year 8


These programs teach key Jewish ideas, explore what it means to be Jewish in the unique inner west context, and relate Jewish ethics and stories to contemporary life. 


The overarching aims of these classes are to:

  • Develop Jewish literacy in a critical, hands-on, question-based format

  • Create social connections with other Jewish children

  • Create communal connections with Jewish children and families across Sydney

  • Foster a sense of ownership in Jewish identity and community

Students in the Dekel program will learn what it means to become a Jewish adult in the eyes of the community. Most classes will contain a component called ‘Becoming B’Mitzvah’. This section of classes will specifically explore what it means to be an adult in the eyes of Jewish tradition, with a focus on identity, self-reflection, and responsibility for one's self and community. This program is a great supplement to the learning towards a traditional B’Mitzvah, or a great stand-alone program for Jewish children aged 11-13 years.


The Hadas and Dekel programs do not teach comprehensive Hebrew learning, comprehensive knowledge of all Jewish prayers, torah reading skills or the general skills required to have a traditional B’Mitzvah at the front of a synagogue. Chloe Murphy from Emanuel synagogue, is available to help connect you with the Jewish leaders and educators who can provide traditional B’Mitzvah learning. This could include connecting you with Jewish institutions or with tutors and/or rabbis for teaching and support towards a tradition B’Mitzvah.


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